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Why Do Anxiety Attacks And Panic Disorders Develop?

The basic cause of Anxiety Disorder is a factual illness. Studies have indicated lasting stress situations due to altered chemical balance within the brain is a direct cause. It has been also observed that the disease has inherited influence. As such, the disorder may be linked to a combination of environmental, mental, and hereditary effects. The combinations of the factors are triggered in presence of inherited susceptibility factors, and these cause a certain kind of repetitive reactions. The condition sometimes is exposed by stimulants that produce varying degrees of panic in the patient. The Anxiety Disorder stems from normal human emotional stress that leads one predisposed to this condition to form an irrational reaction to stress. The anxiety level in the body is affected by immediate environment.

Furthermore there appears a surge of an overpowering fear of losing all self-restraint as if going crazy or experiencing the fear of imminent death.

The attack situation develops as a spontaneous reaction, which basically develops a panic and occurs within a fraction of a second. Sometimes a pre-disposed condition to the reaction is prompted by the attack. The attack can be related to either pre-disposed genetic cause or the factor of a behavior that is acquired by learning. However, the psychoanalysts treat the panic attack as being a product of unresolved past issues. In the case of a very anxious or fearful person, when faced with an activated response, the body will trigger the hormone adrenalin, to charge up the muscles, to either escape or react before slightest pre-indication.

The specificity to the attacks is linked to accumulated stress built up over a period of time or from major stresses in life. The time of attack has no immediate relation with happening of a major stress. It may erupt any time after a stress. A major trauma, divorce, financial problems, illicit drug use, pregnancy, childbirth, job loss, loss of earning and illness can cause of the attack.

Some believe certain chronic illness may be the cause of a panic attack. A good example of such situational attack is breathlessness in asthma patients.

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