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Why Do Some People Get Panic Disorders?

Panic disorder is among the several kinds of anxiety disorders. From the beginning of our life we take on a distinct kind of mental system or a mental state. The mind is the only place where we are alone, we think independently in that particular zone. As it is an independent place of thinking it is also very difficult to assume what you are thinking or what your present mental state is. Researchers find that it is very tough to identify why the people suffer panic disorder, as the mental state of every patient is distinct from the others.

Searching for solutions to the question why people get panic disorder, researchers have generalized certain reasons of panic disorder. They also try to point out the particular mental state of every patient. Some new researches are conducted in this field every day and find that causes of this disease are completely different from their ancestors. New types of causes are coming up in this field, and these causes force the doctors to see the patients in a new light.

Mental and emotional state of a particular person demands huge attention from the researchers. This disease has direct connection with mental ups and downs. From the beginning of our life we have a distinct type of mental condition. This mental condition is responsible for the panic disorder. People who are generally weak in heart, whose confidence is not so strong, panic disorder generally, attack them very easily. Because of their weak mental condition they are getting afraid of every type of difficult work.

When they face difficulty in life, at that particular moment they always think about how to get rid of the problem, not how they can overcome the situation. They do not understand that escaping can never solve their problem. Distinct emotional state is another factor of panic disorder. Some persons have distinct condition of the mind. They always judge every condition with the help of their emotional state, not by reason.

The person, who thinks emotionally, generally runs out of logic. Because of past experiences in this particular or similar situation marked by their emotional state they get scared. A person, who has not experienced this situation as something to be afraid of, will never experience a panic attack. From this persons point of view, there is nothing to be afraid of and therefore no circumstances exist that could drive the person to experience an anxiety attack. If we take emotions, in particular the power of these emotions, away from these objects of fear, we realize they are just things or situations by themselves. It is we who associate these things or situations with fear. Therefore we must not focus on fear, but the solution! Researchers also mention another point and that is the genome factor. In this disease; an affected patient may inherit his or her type of mind from their parents.

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